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I was born on June 18, 1946, in Canada in the capital city, Ottawa. I dropped out of grade 10. A few years later, I started taking courses to finish high school. I began making my own movies in Super 8mm in the 1970s, writing, and starring in other people’s productions. I moved to Toronto in the fall of 1980 and got to working right away. I finished grade 12 through taking many night school courses. I continued taking courses in George Brown College with 16mm, basic, and advanced cooking. I had lots of fun learning and always working. My longtime love was scuba diving. I ended up taking courses in ice diving and went Trinidad and Tobago, where I filmed underwater. I got into collecting toys. Again, I also sold toys at toy shows.

Meanwhile, I somehow managed to write a four-page magazine article with photos and a byline. I wrote my first book, Baby, Boom, Boom—Baby, It’s You! I am a photographer and filmmaker. For over seven years, I was part of a community garden. I’m now bringing out my films and videos and getting them digitized. This past year, I got into art. As always, I’m reinventing myself. I am now retired and still collecting and writing books and taking on new challenges. My collecting is ever changing and growing.