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What Do You Collect?

That depends on what demographic you belong to. If you grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, you are either a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan. Or maybe you’re more into Marvel or DC Universe. Either way, you know you were hooked into reliving the adventure. For me, I was there in the beginning as a baby boomer with all that was on TV, music, and movies. It was all a good place to bring you back to all the thrill of your heroes and how one day you, too, can ride off into the sunset. For me, I did one better. I got to act out a role just like my hero and do the very things they did. With what you collect, you buy movies, music, toys, and anything connected with these treasured moments. I am very sure what I collect is what people stored in their closets. So sad, I thought, they should be sure what they collect to their friends and to the world.


For what your collect and are attracted to is part of a million—no, trillion—dollar industry that grabs your attraction.


Here it begins—my search on how we as baby boomers and generations beyond get caught up once in a never-ending spend cycle that must be met, as each decade unfolds, as each generation get sucked into being duped and persuaded. This would be the beginning of your spending habits. You are very much targeted. Many do not care! I, too, get caught up in this friendship. Difference is, I care and dare to ask why. Why do we need to collect so much? So says I, your friendly neighborhood self-appointed baby boomer consumer advocate.


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